I have tested this service from 12th May through to 31st July, so I have had almost three months to get a good feel for it. You get an e-mail usually the night before the races but occasionally in the morning and you can place your bets straight away or use The Grey Horse Bot to place your bets for you. There are price restrictions on the lay bets to protect your liabilities and you have the choice of either betting to a fixed liability or a fixed stake. I recorded the results for both to see what was better.

I was initially attracted to this service by the advertised profits it had made from the beginning of the year which are as follows:

1pt Level Stakes = +50.88 pts
5pt Liability = +81.63 pts
1pt Level Stakes = +38.32 pts
5pt Liability = +45.33 pts
1pt Level Stakes = +30.31 pts
5pt Liability = +56.72 pts
1pt Level Stakes = +49.69 pts
5pt Liability = +74.08 pts

1pt Level Stakes = +19.93 pts
5pt Liability = +9.57 pts
This is an excellent return and so I was a little disappointed when the the results bombed in the first month of my trial. I didn’t get the first two weeks of May but my results for the test were as follows:

May 12th – 31st
£10 Level Stakes = -£281.76
£50 Liability = -£561.32
June 1st – 30th
£10 Level Stakes = +£501.20
£50 Liability = +£782.79
July 1st – 31st
£10 Level Stakes = +£187.00
£50 Liability = +£128.52
Although I made a loss in May I was encouraged to see that the service managed to quickly recover this loss and turn a profit again and I am confident that the figures quoted from the beginning of the year are accurate.

The service is clearly profitable and I am happy to recommend it. One thing I would like to point out though is that some days there are quite a lot of bets, sometimes over ten. If you are looking to place all your bets in the morning and walk away for the day then you will need to have the betting bank to cover all these bets. Alternatively you can use the Grey Horse Bot to place the bets for you just before the off which means you only have one bet on at a time and you are getting a more accurate price on the selections.

The customer support is excellent too with e-mails being answered very quickly. If you are looking for a lay service with plenty of bets, the ability to recover quickly from losing runs, and good long term profitability then you won’t go far wrong with these guys.

You can try Punter Profits for a half price month here:

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I reviewed the Punters Profits service back in August last year so I though it would be appropriate to give an update on how things have done over the last twelve months.

The main system selections have been a bit disappointing but nevertheless still profitable over the long term, showing a profit of 30 points.

However, this year they also introduced two new systems (included in the same subscription), the Lay of the Day and their Back Bets.

The Lay of the Day has produced a profit of 58 points and even more encouraging their back bets have only been given since April and have already made a profit of 70 points.

In fact in 2009 alone, all three systems combined have produced an overall profit of 140 points, which is £3,500 at £25 stakes. Not bad at all.

Like any service it has it’s up and down months but it’s shown that it consistantly produces a decent profit over the long term. They’ve also cut their subscription costs too and made the first month half price.

This service will therefore definitely stay in the Approved Services section and you can find more details here:

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