I received an e-mail last week from a guy named Darren Power (good job he wasn’t called Max!) who is a professional gambler and has produced a few betting systems in his time. His e-mail was this:


I have recently been in contact with a very interesting guy who is really doing something different and very profitable with UK horse racing.

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You’ve probably heard about the syndicates in Hong Kong and the US where teams of boffins get together and use sophisticated rating techniques and artificial intelligence to assess races.

These syndicates pump huge amounts of money into the betting pools and make enough to support all the resources they use and still make millions.

Michael has spent a lot of time studying these syndicates and is using similar techniques here in the UK.

I’ve just watched a video that shows the huge potential from these methods.

This video shows a very basic rating method that is surprisingly accurate at narrowing down the field using just the ratings available on the RacingPost site.

I recommend that you watch this video now: Click Here



PS Michael is being interviewed later this week once you’ve watched the video if you have any questions for Michael you’ll have the opportunity to put those to him.”


Well, I watched the video and my first reaction was “Err..what?”.

Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to spreadsheets, but the first time I watched this it went right over my head. He starts by saying he is going to show you how to find contenders in a race in five minutes. For the next five minutes he goes clicking around the screen, copy and pasting stuff, deleting stuff, moving stuff, adding stuff, doing sums and generally messing about with an excel spreadsheet. Then, as if by magic, he’s identified two horses to bet on. Sure enough one of these wins it’s race.

Now, if you watch the vid and have the same experience as me, my advice is to watch it again! Once you get a handle on what he’s actually doing you’ll see it’s very straightforward and dead easy. The boffins among you might even be able to write a spreadsheet that will do it automatically but even if you can’t then it’s worth having a play with this. It looks to be a pretty neat way of identifying horses to bet on.

It’s free and gives you an idea of the sort of stuff this guy does. I might even run a blog on this method.

Here’s the link again:

Click Here