Want to trade Bitcoin or become a financial (ForEx) trader and don’t know where to start?

I have a one-off review of Put Capital ForEx training which will provide you with the tools you need to trade Bitcoin, other crypto-currencies, ForEx, commodities (oil, gas, gold) or stocks and shares.

Over 11 hours of training material has been collated for a staggeringly low price of £499. I have seen training courses for this sort of trading go for north of £5k, sometimes significantly higher. Steve was a Pit trader but hates seeing people lose so much money to scammers, and so Put Capital was formed. A few years back Binary trading was being very heavily promoted by scammers, so the course weens folks off Binary and into traditional trading.

The training is geared towards folks new to trading, so much of the course is explaining the tools in your toolbox. Here’s an analogy. You are new to DIY, you need to be shown a hammer, what it is and how you’d use it, same for a screwdriver, spanner, etc. You need each tool explained and to be shown how to use it. The course explains many of the tools available out there, but only the ones you are likely to use. There is little point in explaining a 3/8ths grippley when you’ll never have occasion to use it.

Why explain so many tools? Well, torturing this DIY analogy even further, you are putting up a shelf, you will need a drill and screwdriver but are unlikely to use a spanner and paintbrush. However, painting the garden fence, a hammer and a screwdriver will be of little use. In ForEx you are going to specialise in either putting up shelves or painting walls, not both. Put Capital doesn’t know what sort of trader you are going to be, and so have to explain the tools in your toolbox.

Still using this analogy, now you have had the tools in the toolbox explained, you are now a master painter or shelf erector? Of course not, never fear though, towards the end of the course the tools are pulled together with some suggested strategies and ongoing support is available for when you get confused and need help in reading a particular setup.

Just before I drop this analogy, the more you paint or erect shelves the better you’ll get, and Forex trading, like anything worthwhile in life, is like that too; you’ll need to practice in order to get good. The course has material covering the mental aspects of trading and money management.

This is a very comprehensive course, and if you are looking for a place to start you couldn’t do better than start here. You could do a lot worse for a great deal more money! The following describes the course in more detail.

So you want to become a financial trader, but you don’t know where to begin?

Stock market trading is a high-risk activity that, if not done properly, can result in significant financial loss. If you’re new to trading, you’ll need to learn the necessary skills and expertise to help reduce your risk.

What you’ll learn in this course can be applied to trading securities in any market. Stocks, options, FX, cryptocurrency, and ETFs.

You’ll learn how to employ dozens of technical indicators, oscillators, candlesticks, and chart patterns to accurately predict what’s happening in the market. This gives you a HUGE, undeniable advantage from the start, allowing you to
generate daily and weekly returns with minimal risk.

The Put Capital Technical Analysis Trading Course is designed to take you from knowing nothing about technical analysis to knowing just about everything there is to know about becoming a highly profitable trader.

This course includes:
• 11 hours on-demand video

• 44 Modules (video & PDF)
• 3 Custom Strategies you can use
• Full lifetime access
• Full access to the vibrant members Telegram channel

What we do
We have custom built everything that you will need to learn how to trade any market from Forex, Crypto’s, Commodities, Indices and more from entering as an absolute beginner all the way through to an advanced trader. Powered by years of experience and knowledge in all market situations our set of courses are easy to learn with tips and tricks that you can take in at your own pace through video’s and PDF’s.

What you will learn
Starting from the very beginning our modules will take you step by step through basics such as the right Computer Setup, The Traders Mind, Jargon Buster, and How The Markets Move right through to complex trading patterns, indicators, strategies, where to enter and exit a trade and how to use drawing tools. We even give you some easy to follow trading strategies for you to play with and you can even join our trading floor group where we deliver trading ideas on what’s moving in the markets. You will learn to trade all types of markets ready to trade from home full time.

Why choose us
Stephen Started his life as a runner on the floors of LIFFE before becoming a German Bunds trader and then trading and investing for himself. His journey to help others started when Binary Option scams came into play and he started to help people avoid them through his YouTube Channel which helped so many people recover and save money. From here Stephen started to teach a few people how to trade the right way and how to make a living from it. Stephen always stated that we don’t sell you fake dreams of fast cars and fast wealth. We give you the
tools and know how to make your own dream come true through hard work and dedicated patients.
Trading is like any other career, you need to learn the tools of the trade first, then you need experience. It’s far easier today than it was years ago with the help of technology and now through helping so many people fulfil their dreams Stephen decided to build this Training Academy for the ground up in a way that anyone can start at the beginning and work their way through at their own pace in their own time.

Course Modules
The Traders Mind
Learn trading from a psychological perspective, it is better to trade a lesser number of higher trades, than a larger volume of poorly selected trades.

Jargon Buster
We have set out some of the basic terms and phrases, and also things used in the trading world which we need to understand to be able to fully engage with the markets, and other traders.

How the markets move
Every financial market moves based on supply and demand, but understanding how this all pushes markets to be bullish or bearish is what this course is about.

Fundamentals & news
This is a method of evaluating an instrument in an attempt to measure its intrinsic value. People do this by examining economic, financial and other external factors. In a nutshell, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Support & Resistance
This can best be described as Floors and Ceilings in the market. When you watch the market price action around these areas they tend to act as barriers for the price to either bounce off or breakthrough.

Reading a price chart
Price action is what we as traders look at, to see how the markets are moving on any given Timeframe. They do not predict the future, they simply show us how the current market is moving, and in what direction.

Fibs – an explanation
These numbers follow through nature, which can be the number of petals on a flower, the distance and proportions on the human body, how animals reproduce. However, all we want to know is how they work in the trading world, and why they work on our charts.

Double tops & bottoms
These are simple patterns used by traders to identify a counter trend trading opportunity, but also used as an entry technique for other strategies as well.

Candle patterns
In this section, we will talk about the way candles form and how they can give an indication to market direction. When certain candles form, on a live chart they can be a strong indication of market direction.

After the last session we talked about support and resistance levels. When those levels are breached, in any direction this is known as a breakout. Now imagine for one second something has the force to smash through the floor, do you think it would keep going or just stop as soon as it broke through?

ABC conservative
The ABCD pattern stems from Harmonic Trading. These are patterns that form on a regular basis when the price bounces from one fib level to another. As it moves from one point to the next the pattern gains strength, as each new point is formed.

ABC aggressive
Having already watched the AB=CD Conservative pattern lesson, you should understand the basis of this pattern for trading. In this section we will trade this pattern at the previous leg. So instead of waiting for the D completion, we will trade the C to D move, hence the aggressive nature.

Wedges are a multiple price wave reversal pattern. What this means in my own basic terms is the price moves narrow, just like the Triangle pattern, but rather than move sideways, they can make good progress either up or down.

Triple tops & bottoms
We are going to go through what defines a triple top, and a triple bottom when you are looking at the charts. A triple top or bottom is the same as any reversal pattern. We see a strong trend to the upside or downside, then we see a battle between the bulls and the bears, and then we see a directional change in the trend.

Triangles can be classed as a reversal pattern, but more often than not they are a continuation. However, like with all price action, this can depend on news, or other indications that the charts are showing us.

Risk Vs reward
In the earlier videos we covered about why we trade, and our mind-set whilst we are trading. In this section we will delve into this more as we step away from Binary and into Main Market Trading. We need to leave our Binary heads at the door and never use it again.

MTFA Analysis
Most people know about different styles of Analysis. These can be Fundamental, Sentiment and Technical. However, most traders miss a very important style, which is Multiple Time Frame Analysis. I’m sure most people in the early days have used this style, but as they progress onto Patterns, Trends, Structure and other styles of
technical analysis this simple but effective style gets left behind, and I always think WHY?

Gap trading
A gap is empty space between one price bar and the next. These occur when the price significantly changes from the close of one price bar to the next, with no trading taking place in the empty space between the bars.

Flags & pennants
A flag is where you have a sharp rise or fall, followed by a consolidation area, then a breakout continuing in the direction of the original trend. Like an area of support and resistance.

In this section we will show what both divergence and confluence mean when using the Charts. Divergence according to the dictionary means the following?

There is a Telegram support group which is very useful. Experienced traders identify potential setups to which you can then apply your trading rules and determine whether you want to enter a trade. The folks there are very friendly and I do recommend that you join the Telegram group once you have completed the course.

You can sign-up to Put Capital here.