February update

The first month of the review of this horse racing tipping service has not been very promising! At -64 points BSP and -69 points ISP, it is already precariously close to busting the advised 75 point bank. Their results agency also had a coding problem, leaving the official results incorrect. This has now been resolved.

The service seems to have changed tack towards the end of the month, from advising nearly all bets at 1point each way, to focussing on smaller odds runners at 1 point wins. So far, this hasn’t improved the results.

Previous results from September 2020 to the start of this review have shown a 36% ROI on BSP, so maybe this has just been an exceptionally poor month, as happens with many profitable services. So, benefit of the doubt, let’s see if they can pull it back.

You can try Pyramid Racing here