I’m starting a new review on this horse racing service from the Pro Betting Club stable. This has interested me because published results have shown a profit for Betfair Starting Price (BSP) as well as Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) bookies.

The website says about the service:

All about making a good profit every month from value bets. From over 20 years of knowledge and intense study Pyramid Racing brings a service that shows good returns on a consistent basis. The bets given represent true value betting. Bets should be to 1 point stakes. A 75 point bank is recommended.

Monthly results from September 2020 are variable, but overall has shown a 36% ROI on BSP and 22% ROI on BOG, so for those who, like me, only use the exchanges, those are interesting results.

We’ll give this trial a three month run.

You can try Pyramid Racing here