I have been reviewing Quentin Franks; this is a different service to and should not be confused with  Quentin Franks Value. Quentin Franks is a tipster from the betting Gods stable and the subscription is £59.95 per month or £154.95 per quarter.

Full results are here: Quentin Franks Results

You receive an email, usually about 10 a.m. on the day of racing, and try to get these bets on at the Bookmakers. The email states the number of point to be bet and I paper-bet these at £10 per point and assumed you could get the prices quoted. I think that, in most cases, you’ll have to be very quick to get the prices quoted, so if a range of prices were quoted, for example “6/1 Bet365, Ladbrokes or Coral, 11/2 Skybet” I recorded results using the lower price in the hope that this is the price most folks could get.

The trial ended UP 95.71 points or £957 at £10 per point. If you subtract in £155 for a quarters subscription you’d be UP just over £800 at £10 per point.

Because bookies limit accounts faster than you can say “brigand”, I also recorded BSP. Here the service is £275 UP before subtracting the subscription, so I have to conclude that this service will not work using exchanges unless you can bet at £20 per point or more; you’d have to be betting around £40 per point to be comparable with the bookies.

Looking at the website the stated longest losing run is 23. So you may be able to get away with a 50 point bank; this is not a recommendation and I would use way more than 50 points. But if you did then a decent return could be available from a back of £2000 (£40 per point) using the exchanges and it could be possible to build a bank from £1000 using £20 per point. These figures are for illustration only; you have to work out your bank and points values for yourself!

Given the nice profit and the fantastic figures in the full results I have no hesitation is classifying the service as approved.

You can get Quentin Franks here: Quentin-Franks-Racing

UPDATE June 2017

We tested and approved this service in February this year after making £957 profit at just £10 stakes. Well, the service has continued to deliver the goods, adding another £677 profit to that figure.

In fact, since the service launched, it has produced an incredible £10,285 tax free profit at £10 level stakes.

Not bad at all for your average bettor I’d say!

This month alone we are already up £320 to £10 stakes and you can subscribe for your first month for just £1.

If you want to make a good profit from horse racing using sensible stakes then you really should get on this service.

Try it for £1 here: