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and a Happy new year to you all.

Below I have copied an email I have received from Quentin Franks. I haven’t vetted the results but it is interesting none the less. The results I have vetted are 90+ points up in two months (£900+ at £10 per pip) for combine daily and ante post tips, but there is still a month to go before I wrap this trial up.

You can try this service here:




It was a good year for the service last year with 11 out of 12 months making a profit, however as I have mentioned previously (albeit not for a while) I won’t place less selections towards the end of the month to maintain a winning month just for the sake of it and won’t bet on more horses for the sake of chasing a winning month to make the figures look good. By doing this it means we are only placing bets on horses that I feel are overpriced which is key to long term P/L and ROI.

It’s been a very successful year on the ante post front with a ROI of 171.03% achieved, I am realistic about aims and targets so I suspect we will have a period of negative variance and that figure will drop as long term it is quite simply unsustainable over a large sample size of bets but I would still certainly expect to make a profit next year.

On the day to day side for the year we finished the year with a ROI of 24.42% which for a win only service sending out selections post 9am is more than respectful, however I am always aiming to better myself and hopefully we can build further on this in 2017.

Daily Tips

Daily Tips Selections : 913
Daily Tips Staked : 1360pts
Daily Tips Profit : +332.21pts ; that’s £3,322.10 at £10 per point
Daily Tips ROI : 24.42%

Ante Post Tips

Ante Post Selections : 96
Ante Post Staked +126 points
Ante Post Profit : +215.50 points ; that’s £2,155.00 at £10 per point
Ante Post ROI : 171.03%

So that’s a total…..

Profit : 547.71 points ; that’s £5,477.10 at £10 per point
Overall ROI : 36.86%