I have been reviewing the Evening Service from Quentin Franks Racing, also known as Quentin Franks Value. This is a tipster from the betting Gods stable and the subscription is £49.95 per month or £119.95 per quarter.

Full results are here: QF-Value-Tips-full-result

You receive an email the night before racing and try to get these bets on at the Bookmakers at “value” prices. The email states the number of points to be bet and I paper-bet these at £10 per point and assumed you could get the prices quoted.

The trial ended down 17.28 points or £172.83 at £10 per point. If you add in £120 for a quarters subscription you’d be down just shy of £300 at £10 per point.

Because bookies limit accounts faster than you can say “bandits”, I also recorded to BSP. Here the service is £350 down before adding the subscription, so I have to conclude that this service will not work using exchanges.

Whilst the service has made a loss during the trial, it is on the range of where one or two winners would turn it around, and as the full results show a handsome profit I am going to categorise this as neutral.

You can get Quentin Franks value here: QF-Value-Tips