“Your little bonus paid out for a nice £6,910” – Alistair

£6,910? Really?

Well, here’s Alistair’s full message…

This is the kind of thing you could look forward to if you take up a trial place on Andrew David’s brilliant Quick-Fire Betting Profits service… for £1.

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As I mentioned last week, this has excellent feedback.

For instance, here’s Chris F, who’s been using the greyhound strategy:

“What can I say, your cracking greyhounds is cracking – excuse pun! I use it everyday I can to bag some tasty daily profits £10- £30 a day with plans to step up into 2nd gear with my staking when I go part time next month!”

The greyhound markets are notoriously hard to crack but Andrew’s making someone as much as £30 a day tax-free from them!

Chris F adds: “That one plan is defo worth the price of the whole course so this is a big thank you.”

Well, it’s an even better value option now, as the introductory price is just £1 but only until midnight tomorrow.

Here’s some more feedback.

“I’m making around £35-£40 per day!”

“On a winning run of 7 with your Giant Killing theory and bagged well over £1k. My mates think I’m, crazy putting some of these bets on but your theory is clearly solid – Thanks” – Bruce

“Already decided on 3 strategies I’m happy with and using in a portfolio approach and now making around £35-£40 per day … and using added filters. Some great angles you have there.” – Tim

“For the first time I actually can’t wait to continue with your service. I’ve never emailed anyone back but so far, this seems like the best advice and methods I’ve seen.” – Phil

“Excellent so far with the Sky’s the limit formula and using the going filter. £110 up so far and a great angle!” – G.R

“I just got 3 out of 4 up on the ‘a nice little earner’ plan & collected £266 from William hills! – good work!” – George

As you’ll see, when you’re running 3 or more systems in a portfolio, you get a much more consistent return – just as with any decent financial investment strategy.

You can drop a system if doesn’t suit you anymore, then add another one from Andrew’s betting plans – with TWO every month you will never be short of options.

This really is an excellent way to make a long term income from betting. Check out this message for example:

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