Here’s a great opportunity for you to get personal coaching – and your own betting portfolio built for you – by Andrew David.

Andrew is a master of low-risk betting systems. He’s been betting for 20 years and built a reputation from helping others follow his strategies.

You might have heard of Little Acorns, which won five Betting Oscars for “best horse racing system” in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Or maybe his Football Bankbuilder or PEM (Price Equalisation Method)….?

With Andrew, you never bet with the herd and you never take the obvious prices set by the bookmaker. He makes money by trading the bookies’ special price offers against each other.

This allows you to place low-risk bets, even WIN-WIN bets, day after day.

  • No big gambles.
  • No chasing losses.
  • No need to win every bet
  • No need to rely on a winning streak.

So here’s the thing…

Andrew occasionally takes on private clients and gives them a masterclass in his methods, including video training and interactive webinars.

Today you can take advantage of a special introductory price offer of just £1 but this is only available until 31st January at midnight.

It’s certainly worth a look for £1.

Look at what his last intake are making:

  • “I use it every day I can to bag some tasty daily profits £10- £30 a day” – Chris.F
  • “£987 for the month” – Mark
  • “I am making £20 nikker per day (average)” – D.H
  • “I average £17-24 every night” – M.C
  • “It’s proving very profitable. £200-£300 a week profit.” – Martin F
  • “3 out of 4 last weekend, winning just under £200 – fantastic!!” – John
  • “Had 6 winning trades on the trot… bagged me £220“ – Anthony.P
  • “Over £150 in just over a week. Definitely the best service I’ve seen” -Steve
  • “Profit tonight equivalent to between £4,500 and £6,000 per year…Works for me mate, thank you guys!” – Chris

I have to say, that’s not only great feedback, it’s remarkably consistent too, with everyone getting roughly £17-£30 or more a day.

That might not sound a lot but £30 a day is potentially £10,080 extra in tax-free income a year.

Remember, this is tax-free and each system takes around 10-20 minutes a day to operate on a “bet and go” basis, so there’s no screen-watching or hassle throughout the day.

So getting Andrew to build up your betting portfolio could be the best betting decision you make this year.

It’s all risk-free, with no commitment. You get to see how it all works and test the first few systems by paper trading or using a small bank of money.

However, hurry if you want to get a place at this offer price because the doors close next Thursday.

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