This is a selection system from Steve Carter, in the form of an eighteen page e-book. Selections are for the unique properties of the UK All Weather track at Kempton Park.

No form study is required, but access to any newspaper or racing website that produces racecards in some format is. The selections are very easy to obtain, and as the bets are made at Betfair SP, you can find the selections at your own convenience.

A betting bank of 50 points is suggested within the book, and I used bets of £5 per selection for the test. I also recorded the standard bookmaker prices, just in case Betfair did not produce their own results. Apart from the odd occasion, obtaining those results was not a great problem.

The results of the test were as follows:

To Bookmaker SP:

Starting Bank: £250.00
Finishing Bank: £332.75
Profit: £82.75 (33.1%)

To Betfair SP:

Starting Bank: £250.00
Finishing Bank: £395.19
Profit: £145.19 (58.1%)

No of qualifying races – 25.

The test was run from 11th March to 15th July, due to the fact that the system runs over one racecourse, and during the summer months, Kempton will only have one meeting per week, and went without a qualifying race at all during May.

So to conclude, the system has made a very good profit, albeit from not a large number of selections, and although it is far from a get rich quick scheme, will over the long term provide a very steady and decent profit. I fully recommend it.

You can get Quick On The Draw here:

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