I forgot to blog Friday’s losing trade at -30 pips, I have copied latest e-mail from author below in light of the recent performance of the system

Last Week’s Performance:

Mixed performance last week – but increased opportunities means that we should soon be big and up and running with solid returns.
Date Trade Rate Time P/L
Monday No Trade – – –
Tuesday SELL 78.15 09:45 –
Wednesday BUY 78.60 01:15 -45
Wednesday BUY 78.20 15:02 –
Wednesday SELL 78.40 15:31 +20
Thursday No Trade – – –
Friday SELL 79.32 13:15 –
Sunday BUY 79.62 22:05 -30
Total -55

This Week’s Opportunities:

I have been running some alternative ratios in the background over the past couple of months and testing is on-going. As I have said in the past I am reluctant to jump to any conclusions as to the whether this is the right decision or not – after all the track record and testing of the system is based on the current system.

However, if market conditions have indeed changed then it would be prudent to adjust the system accordingly – watch this space for updates.

Market wise – I think the current risk on rally is coming to an end. We have all the news, good and bad, out in the open now and it seems difficult to imagine what will drive prices materially higher.

SO I think we will see markets consolidate at around these levels – USDJPY may find some resistance ahead/around 80.00 for the time being also.