Ok, so if you have been following this system, please read this post:

There was another full loss yesterday and we are now looking at a seriously depleted bank. I have looked at the markets, Japan is heading for a rough time at the moment and the Yen is weakening against pretty much all currency pairings. While this trend continues there is no point trading this system. The system is profitable when the pair does what it has historically done e.g. moves very slowly and trades within ranges.

I do believe the system is a profitable one long term and the market will return to how it has behaved but this is not the time. I also think it may be some time before this happens though as Japan looks like it is heading for a very hard landing.

Taking all of this into account I am going to bring the trial to a close. The question is do we mark it as a success or a failure. Well I don’t think we can say it is either so I will give it a neutral rating. However, my personal opinion is that the product is still a wise investment long term, it is just not working in the current market conditions.

If anyone has any questions regarding this please send to Graham and I will do my best to answer them.

This product is no longer available.