For a decade, Michael, over at the Race Advisor, has been developing tools to make a profit from betting. He got in touch a few weeks ago to share with me what he’s been working on for the last year and… he has been busy.

He’s put everything you need to make a profit from your betting in one place. It’s quite literally the ultimate membership club.

There’s some of the most ground-breaking software available, race cards, horse history, trends, stats, tips, artificial intelligence, tissue odds lines and live Betfair odds.

There’s a betting course which makes learning how to bet profitably, as simple as following the steps.

A quick start strategy gets you using the software within minutes of joining, as well as a full series of training videos to maximise your profits.

New betting strategies guide you step-by-step through finding winners, even if you’ve never placed a bet before, and the well-known Dark Horses guides, released every season, with the undercover horses you should be following.

Plus they cover the twenty one major racing festivals every year with stats, trends, analysis and selections.

There’s also a knowledge bank of content for members, updated with two high quality micro-angles, hidden trends and betting advice every single month and, as a member, you get open access to see exactly what new features are being added and when.

Also there’s a forum filled with like-minded bettors, all helping each other to make a profit, and Michael checks it personally and replies to threads. Just a quick browse shows members sharing their advice, approaches, and selections.

And of course, in true Race Advisor fashion, they have one of the best support desks and they’ve improved on it by adding live chat support.

Sometimes you can even catch Michael himself sharing advice on live-chat!

Have a look here

It was a little difficult to describe Race Advisor Pro, but Michael produced two videos on Monday 1st June.

You can try Race Advisor Pro here

You can try Race Advisor Pro here

You can try Race Advisor Pro here