This is a service delivered from Bet Kudos of the Betfan group and is authored by “Mrs X”, a professional sports investor. It has only recently launched after the service proofing period, and is claiming an average 60 points profit a week. That is huge by anyone’s standards and so I put my hand up to test it over the next three months.

One of the great things about Betfan proofing is that you can check the odds to flat stakes as well as advised stakes, plus to Betfair SP and SP as well as advised prices. It immediately becomes clear from checking this that there is a massive difference between jumping on at early prices with BOG bookies and leaving it to SP.

So the advice is, as with most services, shop around on Oddschecker or similar for the best bookie prices and use a BOG bookie AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE AFTER RECEIVING THE EMAIL.

As a tester for various services, I would usually be able to claim prices within an hour of email receipt, but even then the prices usually diminish somewhat, especially if a tipster has found good value, which is what you’re after. My reporting will be at the prices I find available upon checking, and this will very likely be lower than advised prices but considerably better than SP.

A bank of 200 points is recommended for the service. As with many of Betfan’s services, the results can be viewed as artificially boosted by the fact there there are virtually none, if any one point bets. This is always a bugbear with me and you can expect to invest 30+ points in a day, and I know many out there are not comfortable betting over £300 per day. However good the service is, you can, and will, have days like yesterday where there were no returns.

However, the headline figure at BOG of over 30% ROI makes this service well worth a look, however large your wallet!

Monthly membership costs £45.00 or if you want to save long term you can become a quarterly member and pay £90.00.

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