Final review

This is a straightforward horse racing tipster service from the Bet Kudos stable for backs, with stakes ranging from 1 – 5 points per bet. Advice is delivered by email, and is also available in the member’s area on the Bet Kudos website.

I was very keen to get involved with this, as the service was claiming a phenomenal 60 points average profit per week when I took up the review. If you look at the Bet Kudos top performing services in the past 3 months, RDD is in 9th place at +85.37 points. As you will see, this is very different from my own experience and also the graph shown on the website.



Race Day DiVa employs the skills and knowledge of Mrs X – I’m not sure if she is married to Mr X, who is also a tipster on a different website! The sales page shows the graph from the start of the service in June, right up until August, which is when this review began.

Numbers of bets have varied quite a lot over the duration of the trial, and there were more during the flat season than now over the jumps. I recorded results to advised odds, achieved odds and SP. Unfortunately the service never went into any sort of overall profit in the duration of the trial. It was a case of Stockmayer’s Theorem; as soon as I join, the upwards curve does a U-Turn! In fact, the recommended 200 point bank was lost to achieved odds and SP, with advised odds narrowly escaping that ignominy. To be fair, there was a 10 day period at the end of September when 79 points profit were made and it looked as though a recovery was on the cards, but unfortunately this turned back downwards for an even steeper decline.


These are the figures for the ACHIEVED odds:
Bets 281 / Points staked 812
Non runners 17
Winners 39 / 13.8%
Average odds 6.35
Profit/loss -228 points
ROI -28%

P/L to advised odds -180.3 points
P/L to SP -270 points

The service has clearly endured a miserable period. This could rebound, of course, and it is important to take a long term view. However, most non-pro punters like me need more confidence in a service, and can’t abide paying for continued losing tips, and so this can only be consigned to the FAILED category.

The cost of the service is £54 inc VAT every 28 days or £108 for every 90 days.

You can try Race Day DiVa here:Failed