In the fourteen years I’ve been running CashMaster I have never once put out a request quite like this.

I know we all frequently get asked to donate to various causes throughout the year and I’ve never wanted to burden you with yet another one, but I’ve just been press ganged into taking part in a charity event and so I thought I might put out a simple request…

If you’ve ever got any value out of what I’ve done over the last decade or so, and feel like “paying it forward”, then I would be extremely grateful if you could see your way to donating a token amount to Cancer Research UK via my fund raising page below.

No amount is too small. Whether it’s just a quid, or the price of a cup of coffee, all of it adds up and really does make a difference.

So what am I doing for it?

Have you ever heard of Tough Mudder? It’s an endurance event series in which participants attempt 10 to 12 mile long (16 to 19 km) obstacle courses which play on common human fears, such as fire, water, electricity and heights. It’s brutal, it’s exhausting, it’s tough.

And it’s not what I’m doing..

No. Sod that. I’m doing Pretty Muddy. From what I can tell, it’s more like a cross between Takeshi’s Castle and Raul Paul’s Drag Race. It’s only 5k, but there are obstacles and mud… lot’s of mud.

Anyway, here’s my page if you feel like chucking a couple of quid at it. You will get no return on your investment in this one, but know that your contribution WILL be used to help people suffering from this awful disease, and that’s priceless.

Thanks in advance.

Donate Here