I can only assume that this service is one which has suffered from both the switch from the flat to the jumps season and has also been a casualty of the present spell of bad weather and cancelled meetings. After all, if there are fewer races held, there are naturally fewer likely selections available to choose from. Whatever the reason, I haven’t been able to approach the Vendor’s performance in doubling his bank in 58 days.

The recommended, 2-tier staking plan, which I followed, does tend to keep down losses and I feel that this is a rather safer and less volatile laying system than most.

For these reasons, I’m loath to mark it Failed, though in this last month’s trial there has been a loss and in addition, there would normally be a subscription to pay, so that certainly doesn’t entitle it to an Approved rating. Still, the Author is very confident of better results and it might well produce these in more normal times, so I’ll settle for a Neutral rating for now.

Start Bank £200.00
Current £173.80
Srike Rate 58.33%
Av. Odds 3.13

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