This is a straightforward horse racing service that is very good value at either £14.95 a month or £79 for a whole year. Tips are sent by e-mail, usually around 9:30, and include roughly two or three bets a day with an advice of betting one point win or half a point each way. Best odds are advised and the odds are generally always available at the time.

I tested this service from 14th October, so just over three months, and the results are as follows:

Bets: 139
Successful: 60
Unsuccessful: 79
Strike Rate: 43%

Profit: 53 points

£530 to £10 stakes
£1,325 to £25 stakes

As you can see it has a very healthy strike rate so there are no depressing losing runs with this service, yet the winners come in at decent enough prices to produce a good, realistic profit.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this service. Well run, easy to use, a good monthly profit and all for an extremely reasonable subscription.

You can try Racing Expert here: