As I said in my preamble:

From Matthew Walton, Racing Intelligence follows the Bookmaker’s “markers” on horse racing provided by an industry insider. The service costs a hefty £97 + vat per month, and I note the following: “the opportunity to copy proven winning markers and cash-in from inside information like you’ve never experienced before is set-up exclusively for Serious Backers Only.

So if you don’t break into a cold sweat putting, say, £50 or £100 on an expected winner (rather than fivers or tenners)...

And you’re not a nervous nelly who is going to jump ship after the odd loser…

[And I really do mean the last point]…”

However, here at CashMaster we use £10 per point as this allows easy comparison between systems.

During the morning you get emails/text messages as the bets are identified so that you stand the best chance of getting the advised prices. There’s a round-up just after noon too.

With 97 winners from 281 bets, a nice healthy 34.5% strike rate at an average of odds of 7.75 returned a profit of 168.71 points, £1,687 to our £10 per point. Impressive. If you followed Mathew’s comments and go for £50 we are nudging £8,500! Betfair, not so good at 19.38 points after 2% commission deducted and once you remove the subscriptions BSP doesn’t stand up at £10 per point, but nudges £1k at £50. I don’t know whether Betfair would have better odds when the emails are received, I hope so as taking £8.5k out of the bookies has consequences.

At £10 per point this is a healthy profit, so I have no hesitation in approving this service.

You can try Racing Intelligence here