Due to a misunderstanding, I haven’t been recording the Racing Intelligence selections I have been receiving since November! I’m on the case now though and there was a month’s worth of selections in the trash, so, unusually, we’re jumping in at week 4.

From Matthew Walton, Racing Intelligence follows the Bookmaker’s “markers” on horse racing provided by an industry insider. The service costs a hefty £97 + vat per month, and I note the following: “the opportunity to copy proven winning markers and cash-in from inside information like you’ve never experienced before is set-up exclusively for Serious Backers Only.

So if you don’t break into a cold sweat putting, say, £50 or £100 on an expected winner (rather than fivers or tenners)...

And you’re not a nervous nelly who is going to jump ship after the odd loser…

[And I really do mean the last point]…”

However, here at CashMaster we use £10 per point as this allows easy comparison between systems.

During the morning you get emails/text messages as the bets are identified so that you stand the best chance of getting the advised prices. There’s a round-up just after noon too.

As normal, I’ll record performance to the advised prices and to BSP less 2% commission. I don’t apply BOG as this is a perk that the bookies can withdraw.

You can try Racing Intelligence here