As there were some days without racing running into Christmas I have merged week2 and 3 into a single summary.

I hope you like plenty of action! 786 bets in 3 weeks, but it is worth it as pushing £1, 000 profit. The average stake is £12.99 with average odds of 9.53. I do check the higher odds bets that the odds are available at the time the bet is received, and they are if only for a few minutes in many cases. Only 3 weeks in so far too early to draw any conclusions about this service; I do hope BSP profits improve.

Week 2 & 3: Bets 684, Wins 110, Profit 1099.5, BSP 245.4
Overall: Bets 786: Wins 126, Profit 987.2, BSP 118.03

Happy New Year to all.