Do you like marmite? I absolutely love the yeast-based spread, but I am not a big lover of Vegemite. Now, this might seem off-topic but this is a service that will appeal to some but not everybody.

For eleven weeks, I have been blogging about this service. Due to serious health issues which are causing me to miss pressing the start button on the bot, I am going to stop the review a couple of weeks early.

This is an unusual service due to the method of delivery for the selections; the selections are delivered via a Telegram bot, meaning you need a (free) Telegram account to use this service. The use of the word “bot” here indicates that software is used to broadcast selections to subscribers and not, necessarily, that the selections are generated by the software. This is an example of the message you will receive:

Two levels of service are available: Standard and Extreme.

Taken from the website:

The Standard Service (64.90 euros + VAT per month) gives you two hours of activation per day so as an example you may want to log in between 11.00 – 11.30 am to get the early morning selections, then again from 1.00 – 1.30 pm to get all the movers just before racing. You then have another hour of activation which you might want to use before the late afternoon and evening meetings start so you can get access to the bets chosen.

The Extreme Service (134.90 euros + VAT per month) has no limitations and you can stay logged in for the duration of the racing day so you do not miss a single selection. The Extreme Service is the service that I used. The Standard Service looks ideal for folks who work as you can get selections during the lunch break, mid-afternoon tea break and again once you get home; it’s a long time since I was in the work pool but hopefully you get the idea.

The Cashmaster standard £10 per bet is going to be difficult here as it appears £10 is the minimum bet but I have seen £30 bets. It appears a 200-point bank is recommended, so if £10 is 1 point we are looking at a £2, 000 The website mentions compounding monthly, where the stakes are increased to reflect the growing bank but I didn’t monitor this. The mean average stake was £13.50 for the trial.

The trial had 3059 bets in the 65 days where I remembered to turn the bot on. This is an average of 47 bets per day, but Saturdays can easily see 60+ bets, and Boxing Day had 131. Here is where the marmite reference comes in; if you are the sort of person who loves plenty of action you are going to love this volume of bets.

From these 3059 bets, 484 won which is a strike rate of 15.8% which is none too shabby. The profit from the £2,000 initial bank was an impressive £2,568 even without compounding; a 128% profit in eleven weeks. Using BOG the profit was £3, 497.

In most circumstances I would see a £2, 568 profit and approve the service but there are a few ‘cons’ to consider.

I have already mentioned the volume of bets. The price suggested in the Telegram broadcast is available, but not for long; it is vital that you take action on the advice as soon as it is received.

The same bets to Betfair SP was a loss of £1,486. I do not have any data as to whether you could get better Betfair prices at the time the Telegram broadcast is received or whether there might be liquidity issues. As it stands, this is a bookmaker-only service; bookmaker management where you need to withdraw profits to cover losses with another bookie will be a major component of this service. Remember you can fund your account immediately, but it can take a few (working) days to withdraw money. You will need to spread yourself across many bookmakers to hide this level of profit, but eventually, you will probably see your accounts being gubbed (for example limited to 50p stakes and BOG removed).

You have to remember to turn the bot on! Sounds simple but I missed a few days. You can only turn the bot on when the first race is under 3 hours away, I set an alarm on my phone for 11 am.

With the sheer volume of bets and the bookmaker-only nature of the service, I do not feel comfortable giving this service an approved rating. Nor can I fail this and dismiss a profit of £2, 568. Therefore, I am going neutral, but if you do not see my concerns as a big issue (i.e. you are a marmite lover in my analogy) then this appears to be a good money-making service.

You can get Racing Invest here.