I am casting my eye over Racing Invest, a horse racing tipping service.

This is an unusual service due to the method of delivery for the selections; the selections are delivered via a Telegram bot, meaning you need a (free) Telegram account to use this service. The use of the word “bot” here indicates that software is used to broadcast selections to subscribers and not, necessarily, that the selections are generated by software. This is an example of the message you will receive:

Two levels of service are available: Standard and Extreme.

Taken from the website:

The Standard Service (64.90 euros + VAT per month) gives you two hours of activation per day so as an example you may want to log in between 11.00 - 11.30 am to get the early morning selections, then again from 1.00 - 1.30 pm to get all the movers just before racing.

You then have another hour of activation which you might want to use before the late afternoon and evening meetings start so you can get access to the bets chosen.

The Extreme Service (134.90 euros + VAT per month) has no limitations and you can stay logged in for the duration of the racing day so you do not miss a single selection. 

The Extreme Service is the service that I am reviewing. The Standard Service looks ideal for folks who work as you can get selections during the lunch break, mid-afternoon tea break and again once you get home; it’s a long time since I was in the work pool but hopefully you get the idea.

The Cashmaster standard £10 per bet is going to be difficult here as it appears £10 is the minimum bet but I have seen £30 bets. It appears a 200-point bank is recommended, so if £10 is 1 point we are looking at a £2, 000 initial bank. The website mentions compounding monthly, where the stakes are increased to reflect the growing bank. I will look at reporting on this but the trial only runs for 3 months.

As can be seen above, odds are suggested along with a preferred bookmaker. I will record these odds, but like me many of you have gubbed bookmaker accounts so will be interested in Betfair performance so I will also report on BSP. I don’t tend to adust my returns for BOG as this is a bookie perk not a bookie right and so it can be withdrawn without notice.

You can get Racing Invest here.