The final count down has arrived.    I have been testing the system for about 5 weeks and the statistics are as below.    I will not bore you with percentages – just the facts.

Total number of races covered : 101.

Profitable Races : 33.

Losing Races     : 12.

The above two are slightly complex because in just a few races there were either two profitable runners backed, one winner & one loser, or two losers.

Profit : £2956.

Loss  : £1527. 

All stakes were of £100.

About half of the races covered did not produce a runner to back or lay.

The Selection Criteria :   At 30 mins. before the race the first 5 or 6 runners back odds price are noted on Betfair or other betting exchange.    At 1 minute to the race start the same back odds are noted.     These respective odds are then entered into piece of software which then calculates the odds movement as whether you have a bet or not in the form of a + or – total figure.    Also is to be taken into account whether the race is a Handicap or other type of race.     Any bet arising is then placed.

Pro’s and Cons. :   I felt that the noting of the final odds at 1 min. before the off was too short.    You had to put all of the two sets of odds for the 5 or 6 runners into the software; check the Selection Criteria instruction sheet; then place and have matched any bet.     The author suggests that with practise this can be done, but even after my period of time with the system I would consider at least another minute to be added, as although the selection criteria is quite simple to understand it cannot be followed quickly for fear of missing something.      I felt the system criteria in general weaved around placing a losing bet, and obviously the criteria has been carefully thought out to prevent losses as far as possible.     Even so, no horse racing system is perfect.

I also felt that for races of 7 runners or less the system struggled a bit – perhaps it was just me, and not the system !

Would I buy the system ?     Yes I think I would.     In the past I have either purchased or had access to, some 12 different systems – some very simple – and a few with an extremely elaborate selection by form.     I feel that this system, as shown by the statistics above, can produce a regular profit – but I think you must stick rigidly to the selection criteria.    

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