I have been following Racing Odds, a horse racing system costing £49.99 per month. Selections are received via email sent between 10:00 and 10:30 or by logging in to the website.

The service aims to “Earn consistent profits between 20% to 30% per month with my low risk horse racing betting system. Proven to make you steady monthly gains at sensible betting odds” and the site states that average odds are 5.0.

I recorded 119 bets during the review period with 27 wins for a 22.7% strike rate at average odds of 4.64.

When you do login, you are presented with some rules:

1. You MUST use a 100 point bank (advised £1,000 as minimum)
2. You should use the bookie I recommend. Normally between Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill or Paddy Power.

Hence, I only recorded performance using the advised prices without Betfair SP. As BOG is a perk that bookmakers can remove, I do not intend to alter the advised price should the SP be higher than the advised price.

Three staking plans are offered: “safe” using 2 points per selection, “Medium Risk” using 2.5 points per selection and “High Risk” using 3 points per selection. Safe ended 18 points up (£180 at £10 per point), medium 51.03 points up (£510.30) and high-risk 61.23 points up (£612.30).

Based on medium or high-risk stake plans, where there is a tidy profit even after subscription costs are removed, I am happy to approve this service. Note “safe” is slightly above break-even after subscription costs are applied.

You can get Racing Odds here.