A month on from our completed Approved review and anyone that joined this service will be very happy!

They ended July up by +30.66 points with a 32.35% strike rate and the biggest winner was Al Messila in the 20:10 race at Nottingham on the 16th July winning at 11/1 odds!

They have now ended the last 3 months in profit –

  • May 2019 – +22 Points
  • June 2019 – +18 points
  • July 2019 – +30.66 points

These results are based on the safe plan (lowest setting) and they would have been even higher on their higher two plans.

Full results can be seen on their website. You can click on each month to see a full breakdown.

So far, from the ten months they have been running, they have made profit in nine of these, averaging 21.66 points each month, with a 30% strike rate and average odds of 4.75.

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