I am also going to look at Racing Odds, a horse racing system costing £49.99 per month. Selections are received via email sent between 10:00 and 10:30 or by logging in to the website.

The service aims to “Earn consistent profits between 20% to 30% per month with my low horse racing betting system. Proven to make you steady monthly gains at sensible betting odds” and the site states that average odds are 5.0.

When you do login, you are presented with some rules:

1. You MUST use a 100 point bank (I normally advise £1,000 as minimum)
2. You should use the bookie I recommend. I normally pick between Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill or Paddy Power.

I will, therefore, only record performance using the advised prices without Betfair SP as this is a bookmaker only system. As BOG is a perk that bookmakers can remove, I do not intend to alter the advised price should the SP be higher than the advised price.

Three staking plans are offered: “safe” using 2 points per selection, “Medium Risk” using 2.5 points per selection and “High Rick” using 3 points per selection. I will record results using all 3 plans. As usual, I will be using the £10 per point cashmaster standard.