Racing Portfolio System

This is a one-off review.

Let me first start with an apology. This system has been hanging around the cash-masters office for some time now, so we are a wee bit tardy in getting to a review. So many systems, so little time…

When I first read the sales page my heart sank; “… The truth is out on the Betting Exchange money Making Secret…”. With apologies to the author if I am wrong, but the rest of the copy looks and feels like Rochdale mob cookie-cutter. For example, given that this system is over a year old, so why does the sales page still advertise a “launch price” of $72? Looking at the Betfair statement on the sales page; the dates are for 2008! Further there are no links to recent results that I could see, so there has been little attempt to keep the site updated. This suggests a fire and forget approach by the Author. So, I have low expectations before I have even read the manual!

OK, what do you get for your $72? A pdf manual with the system, a pdf on the basics of Betfair and Racing Post, and a spreadsheet to use with the system.

The manual covers a very simplistic guide on how to read form. This ends with “The above guidelines are not 100% ”ž(sic) set in stone. If you want, you can apply your own critical analysis when it comes to selecting a back or lay”. Basically, after you have read the manual formulate your own system! The manual ends with a sales pitch for “Football Laying Code”; however this system did receive “approved” status on here, so maybe, just maybe, my reservations are unfounded and I am in danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

One last thing to note, the system heavily relies on weight of money movements on Betfair and you need to be at a computer in the final few minutes before the off in order to determine a selection and place a bet. Races can be selected the evening before (if you have a racing Post subscription). Access to the Racing Post website/paper is a vital component.

As there was so little racing due to snow and ice in early January I have looked to see whether I have some old data that I could use to analyse this system. I found some data from August 09 that I was using to analyse another system. However I recorded sufficient data to run this system. Here are the results.

I had 265 qualifying selections from the form analysis. From these only 91 remained after the odds movement rules were applied.

41 Lay bets, 30 winning bets, strike rate is 73%. The overall profit was £8.18.

50 back bets, 22 winning bets, strike rate is 44%. The overall loss was £19.09. The overall loss was £10.90.

So, the system didnt make or lose anything significant. Further, I can’t recommend just using the back or Lay selections as there is no significant profits/losses here either. Based on this return I would place this as neutral, but with a strong leaning towards failed given the reservations above. Not one for my portfolio of systems.

You can get Racing Portfolio System here: