Six weeks in now and I’m very impressed. We had another winner on Sunday, this time at 55 BSP!

Here’s my total results betting £2 stakes:

Bets: 81
Successful: 6
Unsuccessful: 75
Strike Rate: 7.4%
Avg Odds: 28.15
Profit: £160.27

I am now running a separate tab for place betting this and I’m betting £5 stakes.

Here’s the results:

Bets: 66
Successful: 22
Unsuccessful: 44
Strike Rate: 33.3%
Avg Odds: 3.41
Profit: £35.46

I rarely bet at such low stakes but £160 profit to £2 bets in six weeks is astounding.

That’s £800 profit to £10 bets!

As of today they are offering an ‘End Of Season’ special offer on new subscriptions.

The offer is access to selections until the end of the season for the lowly cost of £34.99.

In previous years they have made profits during this time of 60 points in 2013 and a whopping 111 points in 2012 so they are very optimistic about finishing the season with a bang.

This offer allows people to get in on the ground floor and see what the service is all about for a low cost while they aim to make huge profits for all during the last period of the flat season.

This will only be offered to 50 users and then the offer will be closed.

You can try The Racing Professionals here: