This service has closed now until the start of the flat season again next year, so I will put a halt to the trial and start up again next year so I’ve got a full twelve months results with which to make an appraisal. The reason for such a long trial is simply because of the nature of the service. It goes for very long shots with high odds and as such suffers very long losing runs which would make a short time scale trial pointless.

Anyone using this service would have to be in it for the long haul to realise the full potential of it.

Here are my results to date to £2 bets, from 17th July 2014:

Bets: 166
Successful: 9
Unsuccessful: 157
Strike Rate: 5.4%
Avg Odds: 21.62
Profit: £39.63

So far it’s produced just under £40 to £2 level stakes, or 20 points, which reflects the rather poor end to the season.

My results match exactly the published results, which is encouraging as the official results for this season, from 8th April actually show a profit of 709 points!

I think for now I will award this an Approved rating with the caveat that I will commence the trial next season.Approved2

You can try The Racing Professionals (from next April) here: