Since the main Racing Professionals service has halted for the winter, they also have an All Weather service that runs all year round. They’ve given it the imaginative title of  ‘AW Service”!   Genius.

The official results since the start of the year show 227 points profit to Betfair SP but I’ve been following the tips since the 1st of November and have made a rather impressive 47.2 points or £472 to £10 level stakes (after Betfair commission).

Bets: 18
Successful: 5
Unsuccessful: 13
Strike Rate: 38.5%
Avg Odds: 34
Profit: £472

This was due to a lovely winner on Monday that won at odds of 42!

There generally around 3-6 bets a day, although not every day so it’s a fairly relaxed service and bets are e-mailed early in the morning, usually around 7.30am.

As usual I’ll test this service for around three months.

You can try AW Service here: