We reviewed this last year (Approved) but thought you might like to know they have now improved the scan speed for the software.

Essentially what you get is a bit of software that finds risk free bets for you by scanning all the bookie prices and comparing them with Betfair prices. If it finds a horse where the lay odds on Betfair are less than the back odds at the bookies, it’ll let you know.

It’s incredibly simple to use. You select what type of bet you want between an equal hedge bet where you make the same amount of profit regardless of the horse winning or losing, a free back bet at the bookies whereby you make a profit if it wins but draw even if it loses, or the opposite, a free Lay bet at Betfair where you profit if it loses but draw even if it wins.

Importantly the software accounts for your Betfair commission (you input what rate you have), so any profit is worked out after Betfair commission is deducted.

You can set other criteria such as minimum lay stake, maximum lay odds and even a minimum ROI so it doesn’t bother alerting you if the profit on a trade is less than you think worthwhile.

If you watch the video above (or on their website) you can see it in action.

So how does it work in practice?

Well it’s great actually. All I have been doing is switching the thing on whenever I’m at my computer, and setting it to scan the markets in automatic mode, then just leaving it.

Every few minutes it runs a full scan and if it finds a trade it will give an audio alert and show the details of the trade. There is no need to monitor the software as the alert will tell you when there is something worth looking at.

I had mine set to a minimum of 10% ROI because I didn’t want to bother with placing trades just to win a couple of quid.

So you can just get on with whatever you’re doing on your computer and you’ll get alerts throughout the day, the frequency of which depends on the ROI you have set but I found I was getting maybe two or three an hour.

You click on the race highlighted and another box opens up showing you exactly how much to stake at the bookie and at Betfair and how much profit you will make. So you just go and place your risk free bet and wait for the race to finish to bank your profit (or draw even).

Like any trading, you do need to have sufficient trading funds to make it worthwhile. So for a 10% return, you’ll need to stake around £100 to make £10 profit but that’s all without risking your bank at all. So if you wish to place multiple bets throughout the day you need to make sure you have the funds to cover all the bets as some races may not have run before another trade becomes available.

What I really like about this is the flexibility.

You really can just switch the thing on whenever you fancy it, and it’ll find bets for you that are totally risk free and will guarantee a profit. If you’re that way inclined you could use it all day, every day, and make a guaranteed income without ever risking your bank, so you could compound your bank significantly over time without ever having draw downs.

Or, like me, you can just switch it on whenever you’re available to bet and it’ll find bets for you pretty much any time of the day or night. And you can use it in the morning too, before racing has even started because the bookies give early prices and often they are overpriced so you can get decent 25%+ trades fairly often.

I really like this software. It’s very simple and extremely effective and does exactly what you want it to do. If you want to make a guaranteed income from betting without ever risking your funds then you won’t go far wrong with this one.

It’s Approved with bells on.

You can get Racing Profit Booster here: