Review of Racing Profit Club:

This is a horse laying service. They e-mail all selections at odds below 7 on betfair. You stake 1 point at odds over 4.5 and 2 points otherwise to limit liability. They have now suspended their service after a bad run in the middle of March, with 6 losses in a row. However, the service still produced a small profit of 2 pts, with each bet aiming to win either 1 or 2 points, which is only 0.5% of all money staked but still not a loss.

 The service actually performed well up until then and was 25 pts in profit just before the first of 6 losses. I don’t know what caused the bad run but I have a suspicion that they were too eager to recover losses. They have a tendency to make further selections after a selection has lost for later that day, which works well when the extra choice wins but is a double blow when it loses as well and it happened a couple of times in these few losing days.

 Anyway, I obviously couldnt recommend this service because it is currently suspended, although I believe they intend to review their strategy and start again, and because it didnt really make any money. However, I look forward to them starting again as the results up until the last week suggested that they do know how to find value and I believe they have a good chance of being profitable in the future.

The price before being suspended was £35 and at £10 a point (usually the liability would be around £20-£70) you would have recovered this and made some profit each month other than March so it does represent value for money if you bet these kind of amounts. It has a high strike rate so although losses are big, they are fairly rare and I feel you can afford to bet larger amounts for those who may not usually risk £70 on one bet. I wouldnt discourage anyone from giving them a try if they start again but of course I would suggest starting off cautiously.

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