Racing Trader and Sports Trader are two brilliant courses on Betfair trading written by Tony Hargraves. They are published by Steve Davidson and available as two downloadable, protected e-books.

If you haven’t heard of Tony, he’s also known as ‘The Badger’, and has built a reputation as one of the foremost Betfair traders in the U.K.

He was the sole trainer used by Betfair UK to teach their VIP clients and key accounts how to trade on sport and horse racing. He’s trained over 1000 Betfair clients and more than that number again privately, working with a London based company, running monthly training courses. More recently he conducted some seminars with Betfair Australia in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

I recently attended one of his seminars and learned his techniques and have to say I was very impressed indeed.

In writing Racing Trader and Sports Trader, Tony reveals the techniques that have taken him around the world teaching people how to make money on horse racing and sports in Australian, UK and Irish markets.

As you can imagine, Tonys clients have paid considerable sums of money to learn these techniques as, armed with this knowledge, they have then gone on to make considerable sums of money for themselves.

Amazingly, these two e-books can be bought for a one off price of £74.99 for the two, or £46.99 individually. To me that seems like a bonkers price considering it could, potentially, set you up with a new career trading from the comfort of your own home.

So, on to the e-books themselves.

Upon purchase you are directed to a download page to download the ebooks. They come with their own installer and you have to be running Windows on your computer to be able to use the installer. Once installed, you enter your e-mail address and have to wait for a license code to come through to unlock the book. This can take 24 hours (especially over a weekend) but my code came through within 30 minutes. You then enter the code and the book opens up on your computer to read.

The books are every well written, clear and concise, with no fillers or padding. They get straight into the action telling you everything you need to do, nicely laid out in sections.

Racing Trading starts by recommending excellent trading software, then goes on to the actual trading sections:

Scalping – How to make between £5 and £25 every race (and there is a race every ten minutes), by identifying certain signals, seeing where the resistance points are and clicking in and out of trades to scalp profits. Videos are also included which are really helpful.

Swing Trading – Similar to scalping but going for more than one or two ticks at a time.

Trading Favourites – Bigger trades due to high liquidity, idea for scalping.

Getting it wrong – What to do if the market goes against you, taking a small loss rather than a wipe out.

Hedging – What to do after a winning trade… how to hedge so you make a profit regardless of outcome.

Laying The Field – A technique for in play betting on short sprints.

Stop losses – Psychology of taking a loss.

Dutching & Arbitrage

Market Manipulation – How big players manipulate the market, and how to spot the false money.

Plus detailed training on using the required software, and how exactly to set yourself up so that you can trade successfully.

This really is everything you need to know to be able to set yourself up as a full time or part time trader and actually make a decent profit from it.

Tony reckons you should be able to get nine winning trades out of ten, and since your risk reward ratio is around 2:1 you can’t fail to make a profit.

Using the 3%, 24 day staking plan, where you aim to make 3% return a day, Tony says you can double your bank every 24 days. So if you are using a £5000 bank, you should be able to earn £60,000 a year, tax free, trading from home.

Of course, you can start with a £500 bank and build it up and it shouldn’t take too long before you are making a pretty decent wedge.

Sports Trader covers the A-Z of what to do to replicate how Tony does his business. It looks at his research, strategy, risk management, discipline, psychology, handling losses and also covers all types of strategies which he uses in football, cricket, tennis and most major sporting markets. It shows you how to analysis events, make your own process before comparing them to the market, finding value and how to take advantage of it. It looks at the mindset required to succeed and how to sometimes go against the herd to take advantage of that herd mentality that leads to losses.

This manual has 12 video’s showing what Tony teaches you in action.

All in all, this is a great package and it’ll teach you pretty much all you need to know to get you started on Betfair trading, or if you are already a trader but struggling to make a consistent profit then this would be an ideal read to get you onto the next step… making a living on Betfair.Approved2

You can get Racing Trader and Sports Trader here: