I am having some difficulty in deciding how best to use this as yet, so it’s as well that I have a little longer to understand it’s capabilities. My first impression on starting the program was that this was the final answer to making money almost on demand from betting. In fact, if it stood entirely on it’s own this would be true. Of course, it does not and we have to accept somewhat lower expectations.

Since the installable software program is the whole system and it’s operation is not visible, I am betraying no secrets when I explain that it very cleverly seeks out odds quoted by bookmakers which are sufficiently different from Betfair odds that they offer several ways of profiting. This is pure mathematics and is infallible. However, as with all arbs, one has to be very fast to get those odds before the bookies notice that they are out of line – and this is the most difficult aspect of the method. Yes, you can often get there quickly enough and sometimes the disparity in the odds is such that a decent profit can be made from the trading options offered by the program, but often these opportunities produce small trading returns. However, if you accept that the Betfair odds are a more true reflection of the probability of the horse’s performance and feel that the bookmaker’s odds are unrealistically high, you have found a value bet and you may choose the option of backing it instead. Experience with Bet Synergy and VHM, both of which use similar principles, suggest that this is a profitable way to use these selections. However, making any of the bets successfully depends entirely on securing the odds before they disappear, so you have to be light on your feet.

Racing Synergy is not intended as a normal betting system but rather as a betting enabler, a tool which pinpoints betting opportunities for you to use as you see fit, while providing calculations to help you to make an informed judgement. There really is no reason why you cannot make successful bets with the aid of this program. Bettors will use it in many different ways, depending on their individual betting methods. Due both to this and the fact that it requires continuous attention, I shall not quote specific bets, but rather take snapshots throughout the day to form my impressions. Some period of usage is necessary to become familiar with the best way of operating it which suit’s your betting preferences, because it isn’t a good idea to be checking each of the presented options every time due to the need for speed in making your bets. I’ll continue to monitor it’s performance and the viability of the bets offered.