My time with this is coming to an end so it’s time to wind up this short trial. I’ve decided that without a long & complicated explanation of how to use all the options in this program, which would require me to write the betting manual for it and which in any case I haven’t had sufficient time fully to explore, I can’t give more than a scratching-the-surface opinion.

The basic operation is simple, as I’ve already indicated: the program scans the whole day’s racecards very rapidly, stopping whenever it encounters a discrepancy between what the bookmaker thinks the odds should be and what the exchanges think. This creates a betting opportunity and you can then decide how you can best exploit it. Since the odds change all the time, these opportunities shift and change all the time as well, so you need to scan the cards frequently. The odds can disappear very quickly as the bookmakers catch on, so you have to be quick in deciding how to use them. Liquidity can also be a problem since the horses are very often the less fancied ones and many a good-looking chance is almost worthless because there’s only a few pounds available.

There is also an automatic rating system incorporated and specific horses which are likely to shorten in price are highlighted with a system of stars. I found that many of these 5 star-rated horses did steam in quite considerably, one this week shortening from 16.0 to 8.0 in fact, thus presenting a very good trading chance. This seemed to me to be one of the better options available. Also, these horses often present a good backing opportunity, especially E/W.

All in all, if you have the time to work it as a full-time business operation, with scrupulous money-management and have the necessary considerable funds to make it’s suggestions worth your while, this is a tool which can help to make your betting decisions profitable. It is a program you will find different ways to use as you become more familiar with it. I am uneasily aware that a couple of weeks of less than 100% involvement leaves a number of angles unexplored and consequently I feel that anything less than an Approved rating would be unfair.

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Time for an update on the Racing Synergy software.

As per Terrys review, the Racing Synergy software can be used very effectively to find risk free betting opportunities all through the day. This is fine for people with a very low tolerance to risk but as Terry pointed out, with arbing you do have to put a considerable amount down to make any significant returns and whilst it’s risk free, it does require you to have the funds available to do this and to have them tied up in the bookies as they take a few days to withdraw.

However, anyone who does the maths will realise that the most profitable long term way of using the software is to simply back the value selections with the bookies as they come up. Neil does this day in, day out, and keeps meticulous records of every “5 star” rated horse that comes up Monday-Friday.

Here are the results for backing the 5 Star Racing Synergy horses going back to the start of February and betting just £10 on each selection:


Total Number of bets placed: 440

Winning bets: 65
Strike rate: 14.7%

PROFIT: £740
ROI: 16.8%

Despite placing £4,400 worth of bets in 1 month to achieve this, you could have actually done this from a £200 (20 point) starting bank. That would have meant a 370% growth of the bank in 1 month!


Total Number of bets placed: 431

Winning bets: 82
Strike rate: 19%

PROFIT: £612
ROI: 14.2%

In this month it would have been possible to start with an 11 point (£110) bank.


Total Number of bets placed: 445

Winning bets: 60
Strike rate: 13.5%

ROI: 1.5%

A much tougher month in April, but still came out on top with a little less than 7 points profit. A 46 point bank (£460) would have been required this month.


Total Number of bets placed: 521

Winning bets: 91
Strike rate: 17.5%

PROFIT: £658
ROI: 12.6%

Back to respectable returns in May. A 41 point bank (£410) would have been required this month.

I hope these results have been helpful and that they show what can be achieved just backing the value 5-star horses blindly.

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UPDATE  January 11th 2011

Please see below an interesting update and FAQ’s from the Racing Synergy team:

One of the easiest and most effective methods of using Racing Synergy is to simply back the value horses with the bookmakers as they are identified (we call this the “Maximum Return” option in the software).

Not surprisingly this is the method that we use ourselves as over the long term it is by far the most profitable approach to using Racing Synergy.

Between January and December 2010 we kept a record of all the horses that we personally bet and the results are shown below:

Number of horses bet: 4730
Number of winning bets: 802
Stake per bet: £50
Total staked: £236,500
Total returned: £277,704
Profit: £41,204
ROI: 17.4%



Q. Betting almost £240,000 on horses must surely require an enormous bank, right?

A. Wrong! In fact we started with a reasonably modest bank of just 50 points (£2,500). The real “secret” to this type of betting is turnover. In effect we are repeatedly betting the same money over and over again, snowballing profits along the way.

Q. I don’t feel comfortable using stakes as high as £50, is this approach going to be any use to me?

A. It is possible to start with whetever stakes you wish – just use 10p bets if that it what is required to keep you in your comfort zone! A professional approach would be to compound your winnings, gradually increasing the size of your bets as your bank grows (e.g. risk 2% of your bank on each bet).

Q. Does this method of betting involve arbing or trading?

A. No. The results were achieved by betting with the bookmakers only and no bets were placed on the Betting Exchanges. We are using the Betting Exchanges as a probability indicator only in order to punish the bookmakers when they get their odds wrong.

Q. Are there any practical issues with betting this way?

A. Bookmakers absolutely despise this type of profitable betting and will restrict/close accounts from time to time. By keeping stakes modest and spreading bets carefully the risks can be mitigated. Another powerful tactic is to get friends and family to open accounts for you in their name. You can always pay them a small percentage of your winnings as a “thank you”.

Q. How many bets could I expect to place each day?

A. This really comes down to 3 main factors: 1) The racing markets on the day, 2) The parameters that you set in the software, and 3) How much time you dedicate to betting. As a very rough guide based on our own experience and settings you could expect somewhere between 10 to 20 bets per day for a few hours “work”.

Q. If this approach is so profitable, why does Racing Synergy offer other methods of betting?

A. Simply because the Maximum Return option is not going to suit everyone. It can be a rollercoaster ride at times and many bettors could be easily put off when a losing run is hit. The risk free betting options that Racing Synergy provides are ideal for those users who are willing to sacrifice potential profits in return for a smoother ride.

Q. How much time do I have to set aside to bet this way?

A. The beauty of this approach is that you can operate it as long as the UK horse racing betting markets are open, allowing you to pick and choose your own hours. In our case, we simply set aside 2 or 3 hours around lunchtime each day. There is certainly nothing stopping someone using this on a part-time basis.

Q. What settings did you use in Racing Synergy to achieve these results?

A. We used the Maximum Return betting option with a Minimum Bet ROI of 1% and a Minimum Rating of 5. We then blindly bet each qualifier as it came up with the appropriate bookmaker. It really is that simple!

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