Racing Synergy is a new betting system due to be launched to the public on June 1st; Graham has been given access to it in advance so I shall be trying it until then. It’s the fruit of a partnership between one of our blogging colleagues and Neil Smith, the originator of the VHM system which was favourably reviewed on the blog last year.

This is an unusual system in that it doesn’t take the form of a PDF explaining a selection process. There is a PDF but it is a manual explaining the software program which is the main component. This comes with a registration code which locks it to a single computer and once installed, you enter your Betfair or Betdaq login details and choose the bookies you wish to work with and the stake you wish to use. The PDF explains the operation of the program clearly.

First impression is very favourable; the interface is clean and the operation is obvious. What’s even more impressive is the way it performs. The object of the system is to find value bets, bets which are better value than the bookmaker’s prices suggest and the program does this amazingly well. Several alternative betting options are presented to you, the software calculates the staking required for no-loss back or lay bets and even an equal return bet, all you have to do is choose which option you prefer. The basic premise is similar to the VHM system itself but this is much more comprehensive and is a really clever idea – and brilliantly implemented in this software. There is no work involved in selections, just the click of a button and any possibilities are immediately presented to you. In fact, there are a number of different ways you could use the information the software provides but I think i would need more than three weeks to cover them all.

It remains now for me to start using it and report the results.