This is a brief introduction to these two services offered by the team behind the brilliant Football Scanner

I will be recording and reporting these separately but I have been suffering from some terrible tech issues over the last 3 weeks.

Just days after I started the trial of these services, my laptop keeled over & snuffed it taking the rather fiddly record sheets with it.

A few days later, my broadband supplier helpfully installed a fancy new router for me. This resulted in a week of battalions of engineers stomping through the house repeating “This doesn’t make sense”.

Thankfully, I have a policy of never deleting an email from a service currently being tested just in case a dispute arises. So I am now in the process of catching up with all the selections I missed while offline. This is a lengthy process as the Racing service does produce a large number of trades.

So, if you can bear with me while I catch up, I’ll have the first proper reports up in the next few days.