I have decided to give this a final report. The reason is that it’s value is obvious and flogging the same story day after day is pointless. The fact is that this is a fantastic resource for anyone who bets on horses. There is no excuse for anyone moaning about their results if they haven’t used this service.

Every day you receive by email an enormous body of work covering every possible statistic about the day’s racing that you could possibly contemplate and lots more that you couldn’t. If I sound as though I am blown away, the reason is that I am. How this amount of facts can be delivered for approx £1 a day I just don’t know. There are facts here that you didn’t even know existed and there are so many ways you could use this information to improve your betting. The information about the Flat races occupies two full scrolling emails, followed by another for the NH races and another for sprint races. Even with templates, it’s hard to see how such a volume of work can be generated every day. You have statistics about every aspect of the day’s racing, from favourite’s performances right down through trainers, the draw, almost the colour of the groom’s jacket. That may be there in fact, I may have missed it.

I’m not going to beat about the bush any longer with this, I am forced to give it a resounding APPROVED rating. At £29 a month, it’s the most outrageous steal on the web. Don’t come crying to me about losing if you don’t bother to have this service. I’ve never approved a service with such a happy heart.

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