This is a statistical service from Dave Renham, a respected figure in betting circles. I can do no better, as a preamble, than to quote his own description of his service:

“Racing Trends is NOT a pure tipping service.
I am not suggesting / quoting that all horses noted should be backed.
If you bought the Racing Post for example you would not bet on everything

Compared to the likes of the Racing Post however, the information provided
by Racing Trends is very condensed. The aim is to try to boil down all the possible stats available on a days
racing to a reasonably compact summary focusing on only key stats that have
demonstrated consistency of long term profits over many years.

A lot of the information highlighted in RacingTrends is also unique.

The aim of the service is to provide you with an edge to your betting by
giving you well researched past profitable angles not found elsewhere.
Racing Trends is a tool to help you make your own educated betting or laying

I’ll report on this when I’ve had a chance to study the mass of information in more detail.