Yesterdays Selections


3:10 Salisbury Moon Quest 4.3 Lost +£9

3:40 Salisbury Izabela Hannah 5.6 Lost +£9

4:40 Salisbury Celtic Spirit 5.8 Won -£43.20

5:10 Salisbury Passing Hour Lost +£9

8:10 Bath Oldrik 3.35 Lost +£9


3:40 Salisbury Hucking Hope Lost -£9

Laying=-£7.20 Backing=-£9

Nothing much to say about yesterdays results abit of a bad day. The bank ended up at £233.45.

Todays Selections

2:40 Yarmouth Miss Ippolita No Bet

3:10 Yarmouth Direct Debit 4.3 Lost +£9

3:30 Newcastle Rio Riva 6.4 Won -£48.60

3:40 Yarmouth Rotation 6.4 Lost +£9

4:00 Newcastle Hue 4.5 Lost +£9

4:40 Yarmouth Faith And Reason 6.4 Lost +£9

4:50 Warwick Hopeful Isabella No Bet

5:20 Warwick Agilete 6.4 Lost +£9

8:00 Hamilton Matty Tun 5.6 Lost +£9


2:50 Warwick Excessive 1.63 Won +£5.67

3:00 Newcastle Montaquila 5.0 Won +£36

7:30 Hamilton Red And White 1.74 +£6.66

Laying=+£5.40 Backing=+£48.33

That was a much better day abit off a shame having 1 of the lays winning but we still ended up in a profit on the laying side. An excellent day with all the backing horses winning and also 1 of the horses with the highest odds winning from the system as most off the backing horses that win seem to be odds on most off the time. The bank has now jumped upto £287.18. Tomorrow I’ll push the stake upto £10.

Sorry this week for not having the results up on time for personal reasons I have not been about in the evenings to write it up. For the next couple of weeks this will be the same, I will try and get it up as soon as I can.