9/7 selections


3:00 Musselburgh Artless 5.8 Won -£57.60

7:35 Windsor Medieval Maiden No Bet

7:55 Ripon Ballet Boy 4.2 Lost +£12

8:25 Ripon Tudor Prince 4.8 Lost +£12


3:30 Musselburgh Risque Heights 2.6 Lost -£12

7:55 Ripon Bolin Felix 2.3 Won +£15.60

Laying=-£33.60 Backing=+£3.60

Not a very good day with abit of a loss. The bank is now at £278.70, the stake has gone down to £11.

10/7 Selections


3:45 Pontefract Teebee No Bet


3:45 Pontefract Mandalay Prince 2.08 Lost -£11

5:15 Pontefract Kylkenny 3.85 Lost -£11

Laying=£0 Backing=-£22

The 1st day not to have any qualifing lays and the 1 that was a selection won anyway and no backing wins either. The bank is now at £256.70, it seems to be going down quite rapidly. We will now be doing £10 stakes.

Todays Selections

3:30 Catterick Doctor Scott No Bet


No Selections

The 2nd day with no qualifing selections for laying but at least the 1 that was possible if it’s odds had been in range did lose. No selections for backing. Lets see what happens tomorrow. The bank and staking stays the same.