Todays Selections


3:30 Warwick Nimra 6.4 Won -£54

3:55 Lingfield Pivotalia 5.4 Lost +£10

4:05 Warwick Rhuepunzel 6.4 Won -£54

4:40 Warwick Pickering 5.8 Lost +£10

5:05 Lingfield Rudry World 4.3 Won -£33

7:50 Folkestone Hythe Bay No Bet

8:20 Folkestone Crossing The Line 3.25 Lost +£10

8:50 Folkestone Central Force 5.6 Lost +£10

9:10 Nottingham Blue Monkey 3.6 Lost +£10


No Selections

Laying=-£91 Backing=£0

Another awful day and we have completely lost all the profit and more. In the system they do advise only to bet on 3 or 4 selections. What I have found from past experience when they may give you a handful off selections to pick from that sods law comes into play and what ever I pick will win. Thats why I like to use the selections that are avaible. From the ideas in the system to pick these horses today I would off picked all 3 winners as selections, because they were ment to be strong selections against others that were questionable. That is why I will always ignore the idea to cut the selections down and if a system does not work from those selections avaible then I get rid of the system. I hate it when you get a system which may come up with 9 or 10 selections and then your surpost to pick only 3 or 4 of these to bet on. The bank has fallen to £165.70, the stake has dropped to £6. Let see what happens tomorrow as it is the last day.