13/7 Selections


4:30 York Held Captive 4.7 Lost +£6

6:40 Chester Thunderousapplause 4.7 Won -£22.20

7:40 Chester The Nifty Fox 6.4 Lost +£6

8:00 Chepstow Starlight Gazer 6.4 Lost +£6

8:30 Chepstow Viking Spirit 4.6 Won -£21.60

8:50 Hamilton Charlotte Vale No Bet

9:00 Chepstow Montrachet 3.9 Won -£17.40

9:10 Chester Compton Dragon 5.7 Lost +£6


7:10 Chester Captain Gerrard 2.24 Won +£7.44

7:40 Chester Obstructive 3.1 Won +£12.60

8:50 Hamilton Alambic 1.79 Lost -£6

Laying=-£37.20 Backing=+£14.04

At least the backing didn’t make a loss on Friday. The bank has ended up at £142.54, this means I made a loss of £57.46. I would like to point out at the start of this week I had £308.70.


What can I say? I’m very disappointed in how the end of the test  finished. The funny thing is I was ment to finish this test last week and none of us would have been any of the wiser. I wouldn’t have used this system this week if it hadn’t been for testing it. I’ve been using this system for about 2-2 1/2 months now and part from having 1 seriously bad day at the end of May and then a couple of bad days in June this takes the bubble. I have spoken to 1 or 2 people that have tried this system and they have all had problems with it, or haven’t made money from it apart from me until now. The 1st month of using the sytem I found it very profitable to lay the backing that was how bad the selections were in the 1st month. This month the backing has made a slight profit of +£30.04. With the laying over all I believe the system to be quite a good way to select the horses and it does seem to make a good profit even with this months losses, which were only -£87.50 starting with a £200 bank when I started the test. I know there were some people that found it hard to find the lay selections but I gave the system to a mate of mine who doesn’t bet and once I showed him how to use the Racing Post he found 99% of the same selections as I did over a weekend he used it. If you were to split the 2 systems up with 2 separate accounts your laying account would still be in profit after these 2 months where the backing wouldn’t.

On Thursday I was saying that I don’t follow 1 of the rules about cutting down the selections again if I had followed that rule and the way he says to do it 2 of those winners would have been selections anyway, that is why I’ll never use that rule in any system that I’ll use. It’s not just been the 2 days I have pointed out, each time I thought about it and had a look at it there seemed to be more of the cut down selections would have been winners than losers.

I will still be using the system for laying but not the backing. If you could split the system up then I would approve the laying sytem and fail the backing system. The laying system overall I found to have a fairly high strike rate and seemed to work fairly well. The backing system just was not my cup of tea. Firstly the majority of horses were odds on, which gets on my nerves to start with and then especially when they don’t win. The only reason I think the backing actually made a profit this month was it had a couple of winning horses with reasonable odds, where the previous month it didn’t have any from the time I was using it. As it comes as a whole system to play it safe we should neutral the system and give it another trial for a month at some point. Each system has had a winning month and a losing month.

I think this system is a good system overall. I’ve been using it for the last 8-10 weeks and this is the 1st week where it has made a serious loss. I think we should put this down to a bad week. It has had the odd week where it ended up with a loss of £20 or £30, where this loss is nearer 50% of what I started with that week but the weeks it made a profit well overcome the losses normally. I have found this system to be one of the authors better systems.

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