Todays Selections


2:40 Nottingham Danehillsundance 6.0 Won -£40

3:10 Nottingham Bid For Glory 4.7 Won -£29.80

3:20 Beverley Zaif 5.5 Won -£36

4:30 Brighton Lost All Alone 6.4 Lost +£8

6:20 Kempton Indian’s Feather 4.4 Lost +£8

7:20 Kempton Sunoverregun No Bet

9:20 Kempton Sagredo 3.65 Lost +£8

9:40 Hamilton Crathorne 5.9 Lost +£8


2:20 Beverley Artdeal 1.67 Won +£5.36

3:00 Brighton Birkside N/R

3:10 Nottingham Lady Gloria -£8

4:00 Brighton Sawaah 1.96 Won +£7.68

4:40 Hamilton Gigs Magic 3.3 Won +£18.40

Laying=-£73.80 Backing=+£23.44

Well this system took abit of a hit today this has been the worst day I’ve seen since I started using the sysem when it 1st came out. At least the backing pulled through today so the disaster wasn’t as bad as it could off been. Gigs Magic is the highest odd horse I’ve seen win for the system so far. The bank has gone down to £160.38 which means I’ll be adjusting the stakes to £6 tomorrow. The results for tomorrow may not be up until Friday because I’m out tomorrow night. Also depending what time I get home Friday will depend on if I can organise the horses for Friday to test the system.