Hi everybody it’s Alex Shaylor, I’m back again to try out      another system. I hope that some off you may have got some use out of my last test even although it didn’t come up trumps and was not a system we could add to the portofolio.

On with the test for this month, it’s a new system thats been out for a few weeks now. It’s called Racing Unlocked which has a laying and backing system to it. I’ve been using it myself since it was released and so far it has come up with some good results especially on the laying side. I will start with a betting bank off £200. From the staking plan every £25 you have in your bank means a £1 stake, this means I’ll be starting with £8 stakes and that the stakes will go up or down by a £1 when the bank goes up or down for each £25. I’ll be running the test Mon-Fri and maybe the odd weekend during the course of the month. I’ll be putting the bets on in the morning it doesn’t seem to make much difference whether I take the odds in the morning or just before the off. Some horses will be higher in the morning and others are lower, so it seems to even itself out between the bets.

I will be showing all the possible bets but if I put No Bet next to the horse this means the odds were either to high or to low.

Todays Selections


3:30 Ripon Lake Chini No Bet

6:55 Fontwell Count Kristo 6.4 Lost +£8

7:55 Fontwell Manly Money No Bet

8:10 Southwell Secret Liaison 5.0 Lost +£8

8:40 Southwell Rosein 3.05 Lost +£8

9:10 Southwell Starcross Maid Lost +£8


3:30 Ripon My Gacho 4.7 Lost -£8

6:55 Fontwell Moonfleet 3.4 Lost -£8

Laying=+£32 Backing=-£16

An excellent start to the laying side with all 4 bets losing. Abit of a shame with the backing side letting us down not even giving us 1 winner. The bank is now up to £216.