We have had a good couple of days now after moving side ways for a couple of weeks. What I like about this system is that you don’t seem to get any big spikes in the betting bank…. Just steady increases over time.

Day 25: Wednesday 21st July

1550: Worcester
Selection: MISAMON
Odds: 3.95
Result: WON (1st)
Profit/ Loss: £100

Day 26: Thursday 22nd July

1510: Uttoxeter
Odds: 4.7
Result: LOST (Fell)
Profit/ Loss: – £36

1640: Bath
Selection: SANDY SHAW
Odds: 3.6
Result: WON (1st)
Profit/ Loss: £93

Bank To date
Starting Bank: £1000
Bank B/Forward: £1734
Profit/ Loss: £ 157 Profit
Bank Total: £1891