I’ve been asked to mention the below free masterclass that is being hosted by a bloke called Eoin Treacy. Apparently there is some good content in the masterclass, and I’m aware of the strategy itself as one of my readers has been using it successfully for some time now.

As ever, with free stuff like this you can probably expect to be offered some kind of upgrade, or service, or seminar at the end but there are no obligations of course so probably worth a watch for the free content anyway.

Rapid Money Masterclass
by Eoin Tracey

Trading the markets can be confusing…

I know, because I’ve been doing it for 20 years.

My name is Eoin Treacy. I’m a consultant, trader and wealth manager entrusted with $600m in client capital.

If you give me a few moments now, I’d like to share something I think you can benefit from.

It’s a way of trading that will help eliminate a lot of the guesswork and unpredictability you face when you trade.

It all boils down to ONE effective trade you can make up to 25 times a year…

With the potential to lock in 300-500 pips a time – roughly every fortnight.

I think of it like a secret little timetable – one that gives you an excellent chance of bagging repeating profits.

Here’s how it works…

You see, every 14 days or so, around $400bn floods into the markets. This happens like clockwork.

More often than not, this flood of cash triggers a surge in the market. All you have to do is be there to trade it!

This ‘masterstroke trade’ has changed the way I think about making money from the markets… and I think it could do the same for you too.
Best of all, you can mark these trading windows out months, even years in advance.

The same trade, over and over.

On Thursday 24th October, I am going to reveal online:

  • What’s behind this predictable market surge…
  • Why it is set to repeat over and over for the next century…
  • Exactly how you can trade it…
  • The special ‘cash calendar’ you can download to get ahead of it

My online broadcast is free to watch:

You just need to pre-register here to grab a viewing pass.

Is this strategy magic? No.

Like anything, it has its ups and downs… doesn’t fire out winners every single time… but it is without doubt the most consistent and powerful trading approach you will likely ever come across.

I thought this was such a promising idea that I backtested it, poring through 18 years of data.

The results?

Had you traded these ‘golden windows’ over that 18 year period, you would have beaten the market by 322%.

Outstanding, stuff. But that’s back-testing – how does this strategy stack up “on the battlefield?”

Well, It’s been almost two years since I started showing UK investors how to trade this predictable market surge in real time…

And all told we are over 1500 points up!

The traders I’ve demonstrated this to seem pretty happy with it, too:

“The biggest gain was just under $10k in the late Jan/ early Feb’19 window – MT

“£3,700” in one trade – BJD

“[Made] £6,000 in 6 months” – Phil

Made “over £6,000 at small stakes”– Caroline from Lymington

I find the most effective way to exploit this repeating event is to spread bet it. Firstly, it’s easy and it takes just a few clicks of your mouse. Secondly, it’s tax-free. All the profits you make are yours to keep.

Of course, that means its leveraged and higher risk. So you need to be aware of that and follow the golden rule – only ever trade with capital you can comfortably afford to lose.

If you are looking to add a no-fuss little routine to your trading… one that could add as many as 20-25 extra market paydays to your trading account… and some priceless predictability…

Register for free now – grab your Rapid Money Masterclass viewing pass

One last thing…

I know you don’t know me from Adam,

When you get your name down, you will receive over £200 of research and video primer material I have prepared for the event. This material is provided for free and it will tell you everything you need to know, in advance of my broadcast on Thursday (24th Oct).

Make sure to book your spot. I guarantee you will, at the very least, walkaway with a new perspective on how to trade the markets.

Free registration and access to £200 worth of research here.

Many thanks,

Eoin Treacy