Rate The Races Final Review

I have been looking at Rate The Races, a horse rating system from the person who brought us Betfair ATM, Betfair Success Formula, Pro Betfair trading and Place Lay Formula. I have trialed most of these previous products with favourable comments, so I was looking forward to this trial.

I am trialing the deluxe version which currently costs £39.97. For this you get some software that is very simple to use. Basically just fire the beastie up and a few minutes later you have a text file containing the day’s ratings. Although worldwide races are covered, I only selected UK racing.

The way I am going to test this is covered on the sales page as Method 2: level stake the top 2 selections, stop at 1 point profit, stoploss of 10 points. For the purposes of this trial, 1 point will be £10.

I am using Betfair, and Betfair SP for the odds, so 5% commission will be deducted from winnings.

The reason for stopping the trial now, after one month, is that the headline loss is £467. However, this includes Sunday betting, and as stated in the blog, the author does not recommend Sunday betting on the previous systems that I have reviewed. Removing Sundays adds £284 and brings the loss to a net of £183. Even if all days in the next month were winning days (and they won’t be) the best I can achieve is break-even, so there is little point in trialling this any longer.

In categorising this as a FAIL I feel I do need to mention something. All gambling will have good periods and bad periods. Having seen the data for this year (which is still 170 points up) it appears unfortunate that this trial has coincided with one of the bad periods.

I also looked at a Dutching system that the author does NOT recommend. It is the nature of Dutching systems that if the underlying system is good Dutching is very good, but if the underlying system is bad Dutching is very bad. At the start of the trial when the system was working well, Dutching was like printing money. When the system hit this bad period the Dutching lost money very quickly. As this was not part of the trail, really, I won’t comment on the losses this managed to rack up!

I am sure that over the long term Rate The Races will produce a decent profit, regrettably this isn’t reflected in this trial.

You can try Rate The Races here: